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Dear Friend and Business Owner,

If you are looking for new ways to attract better prospects and connect with them in a way that allows you to turn the best of them into regular, happy clients, while lowering your advertising budget, I have some good news for you.

What I am going to share with you will help you attract and keep your best clients even if your business is in a competitive niche where every competitor offers something similar to the next one.

It will also help you if you are just starting up and need to acquire as many clients as you can handle to build your success portfolio.

And yes, it will also help you

Grow your business

Plus, you will not have to:

  • pay for expensive traditional advertising
  • hire dozens of consultants that will take more of your precious time (and hard-earned money)
  • worry about funnels, social media and excessive content writing any more.

Your business life will get better beyond anything you have ever imagined. And it is easier than paddling downstream.

Here is what it is all about.

My name is Vlad B Banov and for quite some time I was struggling for clients online cognitive psychotherapist.

One week I was getting two, every now and then even four, new clients and then for the next three-four weeks I was tossing and turning every other night wondering when the next new client will call. I do not know you but if you are like me then you understand how exhausting loosing your sleep can be.

In the long run this not only put me in a dark mood (and at times even made me question my skills and abilities) but also urged me to accept clients I would not normally accept (in my case this refers to clients under 26 years of age who I found lack the life experience needed to make lasting changes in their mindset).

So after struggling for quite some time for more clients I decided to spend every minute I had looking for effective ways to not only attract more prospects but also convert the best of them into clients.

Understandably, I had no budget neither for advertising nor for consultants. I had not only to do it all myself but do it

As quickly as possible

After trying several solutions I finally discovered the one that brought the results I was after. Enter David Ogilvy.

After trying some non-working options like SEO, website design, better hosting provider, etc., I stumbled upon Ogilvy’s book “Confessions of an advertising man”.

A few days after implementing some of Ogilvy’s advice I saw the first improvement – increasing the time visitors spend on my website. It encouraged me to read and learn more about his methods.

I subscribed to the membership site of Drayton Bird. If you have not heard of him here is what Ogivly had said about him: “Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone in the world.”

After watching a couple of videos on his website and implementing some of the secrets mentioned in them the following

Results were achieved

– More prospects were visiting my website. I went from 80-100 visitors/day to 160-180 visitors/day.
– The time they spent increased from <1 min to 3-7 min.
– More clients started to call. Instead of having 2-4 new clients over a 4 weeks period I started getting 2-4 new clients per week. After the second month my calendar was full. I had more clients I could handle.
– Those that call were the best clients I have worked with.
– I raised my prices and for the first time I felt my knowledge and abilities are really appreciated.

You probably want to know what changes to the website caused those results?

As trivial as it may seem I updated the headlines on the most visited pages.

The next thing I did was to put a call to action on those pages as well.

Finally, I placed a USP on the Home page of my website.

That made all the difference in the world.

How can such small changes bring such a

Big difference to your business

The answer is simple.

When you get the right headlines for your web pages they generate more clicks.

When you put a call to action on your web pages it makes the visitors spent more time on your website.

And when you have the right USP which corresponds with your best prospects’ desires, you start

Banging out conversions,
practically overnight

Here is how I used the same tweaks that increased my conversion rates and allowed me to nearly double my prices to help a friend of mine and one of his friends to increase their sales.

When I finally had my breakthrough I was so happy I could not help but tell a few friends about what I have discovered.

Two of them asked me to apply it to their businesses as well. One of them needed some boost for his new furniture accessories on Amazon and the other one wanted to increase the sales of one supplement he was promoting.

I wrote the product description for one Amazon product and the landing page for the supplement on promotion.

For my friend with the supplement business the item I tweaked the copy for run out of stock in under a week. This happened for the first time in three years – the time he was selling it. The other friend of mine saw his sales for the ‘testing copy tweaks’ product increased by

31% in the first week

Here are some of the benefits my copy tweaks and secrets provided for my friends:
⇢ targeted the right audience which saved them from wasting their hard-earned money
⇢ grabbed their ideal prospect’s immediate attention to tempt him to learn more about their offer
⇢ made a powerful first impression to their prospect to get him thinking: “Wow! I have to read this!”
⇢ spoke directly to their prospect which allowed him to see they really understand his problem and have engaged in solving it
⇢ enhanced their prospect’s trust in their brand and their product/service
⇢ communicated personally with their prospect and what they have to say sounded like he was listening to a friend
⇢ showed their prospect they have the right solution for his actual problem so he was ready to act upon their offer
⇢ built strong desire in their prospect and made him eager to buy from them before they even asked him to

You may think: “More clients for your practice, more sales for your friends. Plus, a copywriting knowledge as a bonus. All is well.” You are right. Except for one unexpected issue.

I seemed to have lost my taste for psychotherapy. As much as I loved helping my weirdo, awkward patients, I was surprised to find out I enjoyed even more tweaking the copy for my friends and helping them

Boost sales

I guess the reason was I felt like my inner-super-creative-genius has busted out. As a result I have read 100+ books on copywriting, selling and marketing since. I have bought and finished a couple of online copywriting and marketing courses.

Now you too can

Benefit from all that

saving yourself money, time and hassle. I can improve your headline for you, put the right call to action on your web page, add some power to your bullets and help you discover your USP.

On top of that you will be able to use your new website copy successfully on other media channels. A few suggestions to get you hooked to the idea:
⇢ for your print ad
⇢ for your sales letter
⇢ for your opt-in page
⇢ for your thank you page
⇢ for your ebook
⇢ for your email
⇢ for your free report
⇢ for your banner ad

Here is an example:

My last client was a merchandising consultant.

He had an online course teaching small shop owners not only how to survive when a big retailer opens a store near them but to profit from the merchandising mistakes the big retailers do. He had little responses on the website although he was doing well selling the course in person.

I rewrote his website copy and sent him the first draft.

He called back and said: “I like it very much. I gave it to my wife to review it. She said this is way way better than I have ever was able to write it. It’s so easy to read and so compelling if she was a shop owner she would have bought the course.”

And he started using parts of the copy for his Facebook posts and ads. The result:

Sales increased by 23%

Now, if you have the nagging feeling your website copy could be converting better, contact me after you finish reading this message (you will find the contact info at the bottom of this page).

Suppose we are a match, I will do my very best to help you and solve your current website content issues for you.

I am not sure what those issues might look like for you – maybe the website content is not speaking the language of your prospects, maybe the website content is not compelling, maybe the website content is just not enough. Maybe a mix of those three. Maybe something else.

Whatever it is I will make sure you will never worry again about

Converting your best prospects into clients

Vlad B Banov